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Minnesota Timberwolves Open Discussion


Who is the best realistically possible third guy to match with Russell and Towns?

How much money they are willing to pay to re-sign Beasley?


From Shrink on the boards…


I am not a big fan because of his three point shooting, but the oft-mentioned Aaron Gordon is certainly a “worth more to you than us” trade candidate. He could be a slasher and small-ball four defender that Rosas might appreciate in his 5-out. It may work as a 4-out if he creates space inside by slashing, like Wiggins did the first few weeks of this season, before teams realized MIN was abysmal at three point shooting.

I would be OK with the price of James Johnson, #16, and Amari Spellman or the #33. There are rumors here that Rosas talked to the Magic about Gordon leading up to the trade deadline, but the truth is, he was talking to many teams about dozens of players, and there was no special buzz on Gordon.Guys I might be more interested in are Josh Richardson (as you mentioned on the boards) and Caris LeVert. I could see both on the trade block, and the age and upside matches MIN better. Trades for either are complicated because they cost Malik Beasley minutes and make him less valuable, and as we saw in GSW, a sign-and-trade that hard caps a team makes things complicated.

If Josh Richardson starts the season with the Sixers, I could see MIN making an offer for him with Beasley after the restriction ends. Because of Covid and the cap, I expect that Beasley will be on a decent deal.I don’t think there is any steam to getting Booker here from PHX. I try to impress on the boards the problems of having three max deals, and how little leverage Booker would have to force a trade with three more guaranteed seasons in PHX, but long-suffering Wolves fans are always trying to cling to whatever hope they can find.—————-

Regarding Beasley, after his decent 14 game audition here, many of the most vocal posters on the MIN board have flipped for him, extrapolating his 42% 3P% as an “elite” three point shooter. However, I expect Rosas will be more pragmatic.MIN’s four-team Covington deal has DEN only trading with MIN, so it’s easy to split that off as a two team trade.

When we look at it, the bottom line is that it was basically the HOU pick for a chance to audition Beasley and Hermangomez, and importantly, acquire those Bird rights. He is likely to be on the team next year, but I would expect the final deal to come in at just over the MLE. I suspect that he will have Beasley’s agent talk to the other teams with cap space, and determine whether to match. Beasley’s age may be appealing to any of the cap space teams, but he isn’t a great fit on any of them, and with Covid shrinking cap space, I don’t expect him to an offer much greater than the MLE.

It should be noted that Beasley turned down a 3 year, $30 mil extension from the Nuggets, but I would be shocked if he gambled on a qualifying offer. I would guess this ends up with MIN offer him a three-year deal for $33, which is a tick over the MLE.I think you would also like to know that knowledgeable sources here say that the Wolves aren’t concerned if they go into the lux next year, and aren’t even willing to duck under $400k this year to avoid possible future repeater taxes. I’m a little surprised with such a young team and so much change, but owner Glen Taylor is a billionaire, and he is aging rapidly, so he may be trying to spend his way into the playoffs.



Glen Taylor has put Wolves up for sale though.



I can see the Wolves giving Beasley 4/$55 with a club option on the 4th year with incentives baked in.





I’m guessing 3-year, $45 million



How does ownership affect their decisions?


There’s no way they become sellers, right?



If KG wins the bidding war, no way they become sellers



If Minnesota throws out their best offer, would that get Victor Oladipo?



What is there best offer? Top 5 pick plus Culiver and a future pick? Already owe 2021 to the warriors. Gordon is a reasonable target. Jrue Holiday for top 5 pick, Okogie and Johnson?



I don’t know if there is even any one realistic to go all in on for Minnesota


The outgoing package has such a range of value depending on your take on Culver



If only Wolves didn’t trade their 2021 pick, they might have a chance for Oladipo.



I could see the Timberwolves offering a Jarrett Culver, James Johnson, 3rd and 16th package around the league


I feel like it could actually land someone that surprises us because the market would like buyers


lack, not like *


All it takes is one GM to be high on both Culver and whoever is the likely 3rd guy out of Wiseman, Edwards and Ball to make a big move.



I was thinking the same thing. This is a seller’s market right now.


If that was the package for Lavine +, I’d consider it.


If I was Bulls GM


I’d trade LaVine + WCJ for that



Its true. The new Bulls regime would be able to reshape the team in a single draft


I would offer Markkanen as opposed to WCJ personally. Like WCJ better and Lauri is up for a contract next year. But that could be my UofA hate coming out



Hmm Lauri Markkanen and Zach LaVine for Culver, Johnson, 3 and 16?




Is there enough D there?



That is the most defensively challenged team in the NBA but I like it. They should be able to score in bunches. Looks like a playoff caliber starting five.


I wonder what kind of moves they do make now that the team is for sale.



Yeah I feel like Beasley would need to be 6th man and you would start Okogie in his place just to have SOME defense


Agreed, NYG


A lot of mouths to feed there too

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