3 Players I Like More Than The Experts [Week 3]

My main fantasy football league is a 10-team PPR league so that is the standard I use since it’s where I find myself most knowledgeable.

This article is 3 guys that I like that aren’t projected to be starters according to the Expert Consensus Ranking on Fantasy Pros (https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/rankings/ppr-rb.php) and vice versa so the line is like this:

RB1 or RB2 (Top 20)
WR1 or WR2 (Top 20)
TE1 (Top 10)
QB1 (Top 10)


  • Devonta Freeman (Currently 25th Ranked RB on ECR)

Freeman has been healthy which is encouraging but has been off to a slow start.    On top of being rusty after barely playing last season, he has faced two of the toughest defensive fronts in the first two weeks in Philadelphia and Minnesota.  Only the Ravens have allowed more rushing yards against them so far than Freeman’s Week 3 opponent, the Indianapolis Colts.  That bodes well for Freeman who has been the primary RB to this point as primary back-up Ito Smith has not gotten many carries.


  • D.K. Metcalf (Currently 36th Ranked WR on ECR)

Teddy Bridgewater is not Drew Brees, but the Saints offensive talent with Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas and Jared Cook and offensive system under Sean Payton is still going to have a quicker pace of play on that side of the ball.  The Seahawks will need to keep up and Metcalf has been double digits in each of his first career games under PPR format.  He has been one of Russell Wilson’s top targets already and should continue to be moving forward.


  • Larry Fitzgerald (Currently 24th Ranked WR on ECR)

Fitzgerald averages 12 targets a game through the first two games with both being 100+ yard games to top it off.  The Cardinals face a depleted Carolina Panthers defense in Week 3, so I don’t see any reason that Fitzgerald won’t keep performing.  This Cardinals offense should show progress each week as it learns under a first year Head Coach and rookie QB.  Fitzgerald should be a starter on your team if he is not currently and ride him until he proves me wrong.

3 Players To Buy Low [Week 3]

  • A.J. Green

Zac Taylor runs a big play offense and when A.J. Green does return, he should put up big numbers in it.  His return may not be for a while and my big stance is wins are precious, but if the guy rostering A.J. Green is willing to trade him for the two best guys you have on your bench any way, you should do it and you just added a significant starter your roster for two guys you were planning to start.


  • Melvin Gordon

The reason I like Melvin Gordon is I think the guy rostering him would give him up for surprisingly less than you may think.  Again, if you can give up a FLEX or two bench players to get Gordon, you should go for it and not look back.  Not only is he an option to be traded at any given moment with an injury to a team that lacks depth at RB (just using a hypothetical example – Dalvin Cook goes down and Alexander Mattison kind of stinks), he is going to come back either way this season more likely than not.  If you could get an RB that produces fantasy numbers like Melvin Gordon for your FLEX or two best bench players or some combo where you keep your RB1, RB2, WR1 and WR2 then you have to take that chance.


  • Darren Waller

Waller still isn’t as high profile as he should be.  He is the 9th TE on the season in PPR so this is kind of my personal take on Waller being likely to improve from there hence making him a buy low candidate.  He is Derek Carr’s WR2 right now as a tight end.  That is going to lead to stable numbers every week which is rare for TE’s in fantasy.

3 Players To Sell High [Week 3]

  • Dalvin Cook

Look, I’m not saying you give Dalvin Cook away.  What I am saying is Dalvin Cook is spectacular at football… when he’s healthy.  Dalvin Cook’s annual injury isn’t so much an if as much as it is a when.  There is more than one team in your league that would give you a WR1 for Cook so I would jump on that opportunity in PPR or maybe break Cook up into two or three high upside guys that are under the radar right now such as Devin Singletary or David Montgomery.


  • Le’Veon Bell

Sixth best RB in PPR on the season.  You’re not even selling him high right now because he’s playing with a third string QB.  Yeah, I get it.  There is one thing though.  His return value in trade is going to produce better over the next six weeks.  His schedule is brutal [at Patriots; Bye; at Eagles; Cowboys; Patriots; at Jaguars] and doing it without Sam Darnold only pours salt in the wound.  Wins are precious in fantasy and while Bell may finish better on the year due to a strong finish may make you second guess yourself, you have to remember you can’t perform well in the playoffs if you don’t even get there in the first place.  Get what can help you win now.


  • Leonard Fournette

Fournette, like Cook above, has always had issues staying healthy.  Fournette, like Bell above, isn’t really being sold high right now with a back-up QB as the starter and a total lack of any other real threat on offense.  But if Fournette just faces a stacked box from here on out or gets hurt, I think this is the time to dig deep on your research and even if a trade analyzer doesn’t care for the return, you have to go with your gut and get a return you feel comfortable with.  Given the value of RB’s you may get a surprising offer, but more likely you will have to really like the returning value even if some of the experts don’t agree.  You can thank me when Fournette is injured and not even tradeable.

Defenses to Stream [Week Three]

  • Tennessee Titans

Both the Indianapolis Colts and Cleveland Browns have strong offensive weapons on their rosters and the Tennessee Titans Defense limited them from having a major impact in the first two weeks of their season.  The Titans D is off to an incredible start and their Week 3 opponent, Jacksonville Jaguars, have an extremely inexperienced QB named Gardner Minshew at the helm of their offense.  Overall, outside of Leonard Fournette, there aren’t any pieces on the Jaguars offense that scare you and I don’t see them being able to get off the ground against this improved Tennessee defensive scheme who should put the pressure on Minshew’s shoulders and give Leonard Fournette a rough day.


  • Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have great defensive pieces that seem to be putting it all together again.  Matthew Stafford has shown the tendency of throwing interceptions and the Eagles secondary was on point last week with three picks against a powerhouse Atlanta Falcons offense.  I think the Eagles are due for a week that reflects their talent and depth on defense finally and while the Detroit Lions have exceeded their projected offensive output through two weeks, they are far from the juggernaut that the Falcons offensive has been.


  • Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills defensive sample size hasn’t been against the greatest of competition (New York Jets and New York Giants), but they have looked good in the first two games.  The Bills secondary can match up well against a depleted Cincinnati Bengals receiving core and are rugged enough up front on the line to give Andy Dalton a rough day.  The Bengals have missed A.J. Green even with other offensive pieces stepping up in his place, recent Bills top 10 draft pick Ed Oliver is a good rookie who should start contributing more as he transitions to the pro level and the defensive unit are gelling solidly.

Tight Ends To Stream [Week Three]

  • Will Dissly, Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks’ Will Dissly has the biggest quality that you should be looking for from the Tight End position as a streamer.  The ability to score touchdowns.  He is a red-zone target for Russell Wilson and a touchdown machine.  Granted that Dissly had a disappointing Week 1 as he struggled with a knee injury, but he did bounce back in a big way in Week 2 with a much better performance.  I expect the trend to continue this week as he almost had three touchdowns last week and that continues from a strong performance last season.


  • Tyler Eifert, Cincinnati Bengals

Tyler Eifert cannot make big plays anymore after his career of battling injuries.  Tyler Eifert is not nearly as athletic and talented as he once was and had potential to be.  However, as I mentioned above, even without his big play ability available any more he does have the ability to score in the red zone.  Eifert has good hands and overall football instincts.  He had just under 10 points in PPR last week with only nine receiving yards just to show how effective he can be as a streaming option.


  • Cameron Brate, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

O.J. Howard has been disappointing in the very early start of this season and was called out as such by his Head Coach Bruce Arians publicly.  Cameron Brate, meanwhile, is one of the better back-up tight ends on any NFL roster and is facing a bad New York Giants D that lost a ton of talent over recent years (Olivier Vernon, Landon Collins, Eli Apple, Snacks Harrison, etc.).  Brate is getting more targets than Howard at this point and could make more of those targets because of the poor Giants defense making things easier on Jameis Winston in Week 3.

Quarterbacks To Stream [Week Three]

  • Josh Allen

Josh Allen has rushed for a touchdown in each game so far this season and threw for over 250 yards in each of those games, too.  He really is developing into one of the better young QB’s in this league and may become a starting option weekly in fantasy if he continues to progress.  Either way, he should be able to continue putting up points in Week 3 against a Bengals defense that has already allowed 62 points against them.  The Bengals defense also has allowed the most yards against them thus far this season with nearly 100 yards more than the team that allowed the second most.


  • Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo is facing a Pittsburgh Steelers defense that is struggling in Week 3 just as the 49ers’ offense seems to be coming into its own.  Kyle Shanahan has really jumpstarted a surprising beginning to San Francisco’s undefeated season and the Pittsburgh defense should be tired from being on the field all day in Week 3 for Mason Rudolph’s first game running the other side of the ball.  Garoppolo was considered a special developing young talent in New England and when healthy has pretty much continued that trend in San Fran who has a better overall offense than we all predicted.


  • Phillip Rivers

I fully expect a veteran of Phillip Rivers’ ilk to bounce back in Week 3 against a Detroit Lions D that allowed the 6th most total yards against them in the first 2 weeks.  Rivers has limited passing options with all the injuries (and hold-out) to the Chargers offensive weapons, but Keenan Allen is still there and Ekeler has looked solid replacing Melvin Gordon especially in PPR.  If you are desperate for a QB to stream in Week 3 without many waiver options, then Rivers should be your guy.

5 Players To Get Off Waivers [Week Three]

  • DeMarcus Robinson

Without Tyreek Hill, DeMarcus Robinson had a giant week.  He was targeted 6 times but caught all 6 passes.  Because he made the most of his targets, he should gain more and more of Patrick Mahomes trust and become an even more primary target if Hill’s injury lingers.  I would pick up Robinson right away in PPR if you need a FLEX WR as he could slide right in.


  • Raheem Mostert

Mostert has familiarity with 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan and looked to have no problem stepping into the system and performing.  With Tevin Coleman out, Mostert looks like he could compile a nice stat line as he led the team in snaps.  The 49ers face off against a Steelers team that has not had success thus far and should be able to carry the momentum into Week 3.


  • Cole Beasley

The Bills offense seems on the cusp of putting it all together and Cole Beasley has shown to be the clear second option in the offense at Wide Receiver.  Beasley can be valuable in PPR if Josh Allen continues to find him.  With 13.6 yards per catch, I could see him being a starting option in given weeks as the Bills offense continues to gel with a lot of new parts.


  • Josh Allen

The brings me to Josh Allen.  He has a rushing touchdown in each of the first two weeks.  He has 250+ passing yards in each of the first two weeks.  He really seems to be putting his raw talent together this season and should be a must add on waivers if you were starting Drew Brees or another disappointing QB.


  • Jaylen Samuels

In my leagues, Samuels is not available, but he is still in a lot of leagues.  If your leagues are one of these, then I would pick up Samuels.  Even if James Conner plays this week through his injuries, he is a risk to go down meaning Samuels could step right in as the starter.  Granted his solid performance in place of Conner last season had Ben Roethlisberger at the helm, but Samuels could still bring in a consistent RB2 fantasy performance if he were to have to step in as the starting RB for the Steelers.