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Defenses To Stream [Week 4]

  • Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars should not be available in your fantasy football league by this point, but if they are please stop reading this article and go pick them up and then come back.  Back?  Okay, good.  The Jaguars have so much talent on that side of the ball and it’s starting to come together in the last two weeks.  Their Week 4 opponent, Denver Broncos, haven’t been able to score more than sixteen points in a game in the first three weeks and there is no reason to be optimistic of that changing this week.  The Broncos O-Line has been subpar and Flacco hasn’t helped them much while the Jaguars are back to their usual selves or was know them, Sacks-onville.


  • Atlanta Falcons

It’s no secret that the Tennessee Titans offense has been a total mess after Week 1.  Marcus Mariota is in question of even being their future QB at this point.  The Falcons had two interceptions in Week 2, and neither were by injured safety Keanu Neal.  Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn runs a strong defense and the Titans aren’t in sync right now.  The Falcons are a sneaky play in Week 4 even with the big injury because the Titans look bad enough that Dan Quinn should come up with a scheme that limits what they can do.


  • Houston Texans

J.J. Watt and the Texans D may not have the strong pass defense this year at this point and Kyle Allen looked awesome last week.  All things considered, give a week of game tape to a pro coaching staff and suddenly Kyle Allen doesn’t look so awesome anymore.  The Panthers have a stronger than expected offense in general, but the match-up against a raw QB in Allen for this defensive unit should translate well in terms of fantasy even if Christian McCaffrey gets his.

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