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3 Players To Sell High [Week 3]

  • Dalvin Cook

Look, I’m not saying you give Dalvin Cook away.  What I am saying is Dalvin Cook is spectacular at football… when he’s healthy.  Dalvin Cook’s annual injury isn’t so much an if as much as it is a when.  There is more than one team in your league that would give you a WR1 for Cook so I would jump on that opportunity in PPR or maybe break Cook up into two or three high upside guys that are under the radar right now such as Devin Singletary or David Montgomery.


  • Le’Veon Bell

Sixth best RB in PPR on the season.  You’re not even selling him high right now because he’s playing with a third string QB.  Yeah, I get it.  There is one thing though.  His return value in trade is going to produce better over the next six weeks.  His schedule is brutal [at Patriots; Bye; at Eagles; Cowboys; Patriots; at Jaguars] and doing it without Sam Darnold only pours salt in the wound.  Wins are precious in fantasy and while Bell may finish better on the year due to a strong finish may make you second guess yourself, you have to remember you can’t perform well in the playoffs if you don’t even get there in the first place.  Get what can help you win now.


  • Leonard Fournette

Fournette, like Cook above, has always had issues staying healthy.  Fournette, like Bell above, isn’t really being sold high right now with a back-up QB as the starter and a total lack of any other real threat on offense.  But if Fournette just faces a stacked box from here on out or gets hurt, I think this is the time to dig deep on your research and even if a trade analyzer doesn’t care for the return, you have to go with your gut and get a return you feel comfortable with.  Given the value of RB’s you may get a surprising offer, but more likely you will have to really like the returning value even if some of the experts don’t agree.  You can thank me when Fournette is injured and not even tradeable.

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